German course for Nurses

Our German course for non-medical health professionals, prepares participants for their everyday life in German hospitals, nursing homes, old people’s homes and other facilities.


  • basic knowledge in the areas of hospital, geriatric care and outpatient and home care
  • Central vocabulary and important idioms for workplace communication
  • Conversations with patients and relatives, colleagues and physicians as well as telephone enquiries and agreements
  • Exercise of work-related listening and reading comprehension.

Additional benefit: 2 hours Individual application training per participant at the end of the course

Course schedules: Monday to Friday: 17:15 to 20:30 hrs


3-5 participants: 6 weeks/ 120 hours

6-12 participants: 6 weeks/ 160 hrs.

Course price: 980 €

Single registration fee of 40 Euro for new customers


01.04.2019 until 24.05.2019 (Registration until 15.03.2019)

06.05.2019 until 28.06.2019 (Registration until 15.04.2019)

03.06.2019 until 26.07.2019 (Registration until 15.05.2019)

01.07.2019 until 23.08.2019 (Registration until 15.06.2019)

05.08.2019 until 27.09.2019 (Registration until 15.07.2019)

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