Preparation course by KP a medical specialist – ONLINE

Exclusive preparation for the knowledge test by an experienced specialist.
This course is perfect for foreign doctors who need to prepare for the knowledge exam before a medical association. Our experienced teacher and medical specialist will prepare you for the exam using video conferencing and selected material.


  • Case-oriented development of examination-relevant technical terms in the fields of internal medicine and surgery
  • Medical examination techniques
  • Anamnesis and medical examinations
  • Overview Pharmacology
  • Overview Emergency Medicine
  • Overview Radiation Protection
  • Individual feedback

Course schedules:
4 hours video conference per week + allocation of selected work material per week.

Duration: 6 weeks

Course price: 720 €

Single registration fee of 50 Euro for new customers

Number of participants: Maximum 8 participants per course

01.04.2019 until 24.05.2019

06.05.2019 until 28.06.2019

03.06.2019 until 26.07.2019

01.07.2019 until 23.08.2019

05.08.2019 until 27.09.2019

(Further dates to follow)

Career path

Medical Doctor at the Javeriana University of Bogotá, Colombia. Residency training Clinical Microbiology at the Hospital Clinico de Madrid. Master of Advanced Studies in Clinical Microbiology and Humanitarian Medicine at the Complutense University of Madrid. Residency training Dermatology at the University Hospital of Hamburg and Military Hospital of Hamburg. Since 2016 clinicial and consultant dermatologist  in Hamburg, Germany.

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