Spanish Courses – Intensive Week

Our Spanish Intensive Weeks give you a quick introduction to the Spanish language. You will learn to communicate skillfully in everyday situations. The course consists of Intensive Week 1 and Intensive Week 2. Of course, depending on your interest and previous knowledge, you can also attend only one of the two weeks.

Course Schedules:

Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 12:15 pm

Intensive week 1:

11.03.2019 until 15.03.2019

06.05.2019 until 10.05.2019

03.06.2019 until 07.06.2019

Intensive week 2:

25.03.2019 until 29.03.2019

20.05.2019 until 24.05.2019

24.06.2019 until 28.06.2019

Course price: 120 €

Registration fee not applicable

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